Cybersecurity automation strategies that enhance your workforce and save you money.


With advanced cyber threat actors and even script kiddies combining automation with
adaptive tradecraft, it's critical that your cybersecurity strategy employs platforms that
support data analytics and automated tool orchestration, instead of just layering on a
variety of security tools. 

Security teams need to look for integrated tools and solutions that can ensure rapid response, as well as automate containment and streamline collaboration. Increasing your automation strategies can have a fundamental impact on attackers and their associated economics.

Cybersecurity experts from the NSA, Phantom, AT&T, New Context, Draper, and
Symantec will share their unique automation implementations with our Borderless Cyber
  • Explain which operations should and should not be automated, where automation
    can be used as a force multiplier, and how to avoid getting caught up in the
    automation frenzy that creates more work for your security operations team;

  • Demonstrate how automation standards can give you a cheaper/better/faster
    cybersecurity strategy that will contribute to long-term success;

  • Share their views on the benefits and challenges of security automation, as well
    as open the floor to your questions.

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